Crystals in History & Crystal Corner Online

While crystals are the actual source of theraputic energy we, at Crystal Corner, feel blessed to be a positive source of these healing crystals and bring them to you! We created Crystal Corner not only out of our innate love for gemstones and crystals but also a profound desire to share their beneficial energy with the world. In order to showcase only those crystals and minerals which seem to have an inner desire to be of service at this time we use our intuition, innermost, heart felt feelings, and ask the stones if they want to come. We always cherry pick from the best grades and the most ethically sourced stones available.  We understand how meaningful and comforting crystals can be, so we rely not only on our knowledge and experience, but also that of a few trusted suppliers.

Visiting Crystal Corner is hopefully, a magical experience for all ages and needs. For one the past can come alive in the ancient specimens of the Fossil Kingdom, another will discover an original, one off, hand made item either to wear every day or for special occasions. Crystal Corner is where one is guaranteed to find a special crystal to display and enjoy, either in the home or office or maybe to create an amazing vibe for a hotel foyer, meditation space, yoga hall or exercise dojo. For others Crystal Corner may be an apothecary shop, where one can seek out the crystal resonances to bring balance to ones life. You can access Crystal Corner, whenever and wherever you are just in that moment. Our wish is that becomes your go to place, whenever you need to find inspiration, a draught of positive energy, friendly advice or an everlasting source of pleasure for yourself or loved one.

Humans have loved, admired, respected and used Crystals for millenia here are a few aspects.

Crystals in History

For millennia, crystals, minerals and gem stones have been used to bring about healing and enhance physical, emotional and spiritual balance. The ancients must have somehow recognised that when worn, the energies and vibrations of the stones would interact with the human electromagnetic field to bring about subtle energetic changes. Royals have worn crystals throughout history, in their jewellery, crowns, thrones and used them to decorate their armour, weapons and swords. Interestingly, the placement of crystals on the crown on a royal’s head could activate their crown chakra, the same goes for a necklace over the heart chakra, rings on fingers would activate energy meridians, and earrings might stimulate reflex points. It makes you wonder if all jewellery was initially intended to connect healing stones to different energetic points on the body?! Crystals have also been used inburials, in divination, and in healing rituals for thousands of years. 


  • Neolithic Man: The use of talismans and amulets dates back to the times of prehistoric man, with the oldest crystal amulet, made from Baltic Amber, dating back over 30,000 years, amber beads were discovered in Britain from 10,000 years ago. Prehistoric humans also constructed stone tribal burial chambers, or ‘Megaliths‘ that were designed according to the texture, weight, colour and vibration of the stone to maximise its resonance.
  • The Ancient Britons: The oldest amulets are of Baltic amber, some from as long as 30,000 years ago and amber beads were discovered in Britain from 10,000 years ago, the end of the last ice age. The distance these beads travelled to reach Britain shows their value to the people of that time. Jet was also popular and jet beads, bracelets and necklaces have been discovered in Palaeolithic grave sites in Switzerland and Belgium. There have been malachite mines in Sinai since 4000 BC.
  • The Ancient Egyptians: Used crystals for protection and health, and buried the dead with a piece of quartz on their forehead to help guide them in the afterlife. Dancers wore rubies in their bellybuttons to enhance their sexuality, and a necklace over the heart was intended to bring love into ones life. Forehead crowns were also worn to stimulate the third eye. They even used ground lapis lazuli and malachite as eye makeup. Perhaps the most interesting is the account of pharaohs who carried a copper cylinder and zinc cylinder each filled with quartz, to balance the Ka and Ba energies of the body (equivalent of Yin & Yang today).
  • Ancient Greeks: Rubbed themselves with crushed hematite before going into battle, thinking that it would make them invincible. The name for Amethyst is derived from the words for “not drunken” in Greek, because Amethyst was worn as an amulet to protect against drunkenness and hangovers. Even the word “crystal” is derived from the Greek word for ice, because quartz crystal looked like water that was frozen and would never melt.
  • Romans:  The use of crystals as amulets and talismans was very common amongst the Romans. They were used in medical treatment and to attract desirable things, enhance health and provide protection in battle.
  • India:  The Hindu Vedas, the sacred 5000 year old religious texts, discuss the use of different crystals to treat certain medical ailments, as well as the specific properties of different crystals. For example, they say that emerald will bring good luck. Ayurvedic medicine has also recognised the healing powers of crystals for hundreds of years.
  • Mayans, Aztecs and Inca: All three of these societies understood the power of using crystals for balance and healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Crystals were used to diagnose and treat disease, well as to see the future through divination. According to some accounts, the Inca considered certain stones, (such as emeralds) to be so powerful, they chose to die before giving the conquerors the location of their emerald mines. There are burials with jade masks from around 1000 years ago in Mexico.
  • Indigenous Tribes: American Indians and indigenous tribes of Australia have used, and continue to use, crystals to diagnose and heal illness. Many of the stones used in their traditional jewellery are thought to contain healing powers, including Agate, Turquoise, Onyx and more.
  • Ancient / Modern Chinese: the 5,000 year old practice of Chinese Medicine often incorporates crystals for their healing powers, including the use of crystal needles in modern day Chinese acupuncture and Prannic Healing. Rose Quartz face and body massagers, called Gua Sha (pronounced ‘gwahshah’  also  called the Eastern Botox or Eastern Facelift) are used for youthing reasons. This Traditional Chinese medicine treatment, when applied to the face, has many beneficial effects. In the past Chinese emperors were buried in Jade armour as a symbol of wealth and power.
  • Ancient Japanese: The ancient Japanese were skilled at the art of scrying, using transparent crystal balls to produce visions. Quartz crystal spheres were thought to represent the hearts of dragons, which symbolised power and wisdom.
  • Tibetan Buddhists have considered quartz crystal spheres to be objects of great holy, spiritual power, believing their properties could even assist with enlightenment. In Buddhism, the Medicine Buddha is called “Healing Master of Lapis Lazuli Radiance,” and its rituals include meditating on lapis lazuli.