The Carnelian has Really Dark Red in Places
Bands of Brown and Rse Red with White around the Sphere
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bands of Brown and Rse Red with White around the Sphere

Hand Finished Extra Large Carnelian Polished Sphere

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Carnelian opens the lower posts of the navel chakra easing the flow of fluids, aiding digestion and bowel movements. Its help the user to be more in touch with their body and provides a positive view of the physical self. Also known as ‘The Friendly One’ it is a good balancer connecting you with your inner self, giving you good concentration and in opening your heart it gives you joy, sociability and warmth. Carnelian is a highly evolved healer.  It protects against fear, envy, and rage, and helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure. The message of carnelian is that since one is love, there is nothing to do but to offer love, each offering of love bringing an exponential increase in the quantity of love returned. Carnelian stimulates inquisitiveness and subsequent initiative. It can assist one in drama and pursuits related to theatrical presentations.

It supports one’s individuality and courage. Carnelian signifies the male aspect of Spirit. A keyword would be Action! One phrase associated with it is ‘God helps those who help themselves.’   Carnelian is thought to Fortify and strengthen the body. Thought to bring good luck and the ability to manifest ones’ desires.  It is thought to act as a memory aid, including the recall of past lives.

The roundness of the crystal ball symbolically represents a sense of oneness, wholeness, completion, karma, and respect for cyclical energies. The shape of the sphere sends energetic light vibrations in all directions.  The smooth surface of the sphere facilitates clear communication and helps to keep the energy flow moving. 

Stunning, Hand Finished Large Carnelian Polished Sphere - Red, Brown and White Patterned from Madagascar. Total Weight 2.97kg. 186mm dia.