Large Stromatolite Polished Egg Very Good Grade. 287mm high.

Large Stromatolite Polished Egg 2.84kg. 204mm high.

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The frequency of Stromatolite connects to the base and heart chakras. It cleanses these chakras, allowing for an increased energy flow. Via the connection to the base chakra it allows one to feel a connection with the third dimensional reality and to feel secure.

The energy of Stromatolite helps one to understand the purpose of life’s lessons and to see them as aids to one’s personal growth. It helps one to accept others for who they are and to “go with the flow”, to live one’s life with an “open-ness”, so that one can move forward not bound by past negativity.

Egg shaped gemstones confine and shape energy and can be used to detect and re-balance emotional and physical blockages in the body. They make excellent hand comforters to use in times of stress.

The egg shape can be very versatile. Held sideways between thumb and fingers, it can be used to scan the auric field of the body. The curve of the egg fits perfectly in the hand to make it easy to use during meditation or massage. The fabricated and natural shapes of stones have identical metaphysical properties.

Gemstone eggs symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. The egg means growth and protection and can also promote restful sleep.

Extra Large Stromatolite Polished Egg. Hand Finished Beautiful Ring Patterned Mineral Egg - Around 2.3 billion years old Fossil from Black Seabed Algae Formations on Primordial Green Base Rock. 2.84kg. 204mm high.